Summary of 2015 Laws, continued

The following continues our summary of 2015 laws.  This post describes conflicts of interest, elections, and environmental law enactments, financial reports, and taxes.


Chapter 495 (SB 704):  Adds to the definition of remote interest under conflict laws the owner of a company who serves as an appointed member of a unelected commission of a contracting agency.  [GC 1091(b)(17)]


Chapter 235 (SB 415):  Agencies cannot hold an election on other than statewide election dates if holding an election on that date if 25% less than average.  [EC 14052]


Chapter 606 (SB 246):  Establishes the Integrated Climate Adaption and Resiliency Program; some meetings of the council need not be public.  [PRC 71350]

Financial Reports

Chapter 37 (AB 341):   Deadline for filing annual financial report with State Controller extended to seven months after close of fiscal year; local agencies must file report on annual compensation by April 30th.  [GC 53891]; reports must be posted on website or furnish copies to any person requesting them.


Chapter 81 (SB 371):  Allows agencies to exempt seniors and those receiving social security/disability benefits from special taxes.

The Integrated Climate Adaption and Resiliency Program could portend heavy state involvement in what was once considered local affairs.

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