W. Keith Lemieux

General Partner

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P: (805) 495-4770

W. Keith Lemieux is a partner at the firm of Lemieux and O’Neill. His clients include public agencies, cities, water districts, mutual water companies, and small businesses. He is a locally recognized expert on topics such as government liability, water rights, and environmental law. Mr. Lemieux has appeared in all levels of court, including the California Supreme Court and the Federal Court of Claims in Washington D.C.

A case brought by Mr. Lemieux on behalf of a local water district against polluters resulted in the construction of a 32-million-dollar groundwater treatment plant which now provides safe, clean water to several communities. Mr. Lemieux has represented clients in several cases that have become the published precedent on topics such as environmental law and public agency liability.

Mr. Lemieux was appointed public agency lead in a complex case filed by more than 2,400 parties that claimed personal injuries from the delivery of allegedly contaminated groundwater. Mr. Lemieux’s successful defense of that case resulted in a new California precedent that recognized immunity for his clients.