Municipal and Water Law

At Lemieux & O’Neill we are intimately familiar with the representation of public agencies and the wide variety of legal issues they face. We regularly advise on Brown Act, conflicts of interest, public contracting, legislative issues, and administrative matters. Our attorneys have provided counsel at thousands of board and council meetings. Our wide-ranging experience includes agency formation, financing, CEQA (California Environmental Quality Act) processing, eminent domain, and public employment matters.

Our expertise and record in water issues is unmatched. We have participated in every significant groundwater adjudication that has occurred in Southern California, beginning with the judgment governing the West Coast Groundwater Basin adopted in 1949. We advise on all regulatory, financing, and energy issues in the development and operation of the state’s most sophisticated water programs.

From pre-design through construction, we guide our clients through all aspects of new water supply development: recycling, groundwater recharge, groundwater cleanup, indirect potable reuse, and desalination.

Municipal and water law clients include water districts, cities, joint powers authorities, mutual water companies, airports, and health care districts.

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Lemieux & O’Neill works hard to keep our clients out of the courtroom. Unfortunately, others sometimes do not live up to their contractual obligations. Accidents happen and misunderstandings occur. When conflicts cannot be resolved by negotiations, they must be resolved in the courthouse. Every year, our firm handles a variety of litigation from the mundane (trip and fall or traffic accident) to the profound (civil rights). These cases range in value from $5,000 (just above the small claims court limit) to $280,000,000.00. They range in complexity from half-day court trials to six-week jury trials.