Lemieux & O’Neill is a full service law firm providing expert counsel to a variety of public agencies and businesses throughout Central and Southern California. We serve public and private clients in the courtroom and in the board room. Our goal is to provide value for our clients, ensuring they receive expert legal services at affordable rates. We pride ourselves on maintaining a lean and efficient operation, employing state-of-the art research and communication technologies to service our client base.

Public resource issues dominate our work. We regularly provide advice on water, resource development and distribution, including landmark recycled water programs. Our clients deal with sewage disposal, pollution cleanup, and water treatment. Recent activities include developing desalination facilities and litigating groundwater adjudications.

Founded in 1945, Lemieux & O’Neill has a rich history in the development of Southern California’s resources. In the 1940’s and 1950’s, our firm’s predecessors were at the center of the first groundwater adjudications in the state, paving the way for quality water supplies for millions of Southern Californians.