Summary of 2015 Laws, final post

This is our last post of 2015 enactments.  This describes new employment laws. Employment Laws Chapter 67 (AB 304):  Employers must provide sick leave accrual on the basis of one hour for each 30 hours worked or another regular basis … Continued

Summary of 2015 Laws, continued

This post describes enactments about public contracts and public records. Contracts Chapter 53 (AB 327):  Prevailing wage law suspended when volunteers perform the work.  [LC 1720.4] Chapter 739 (AB 219):  Prevailing wages must be paid to drivers for ready-mixed concrete … Continued

Summary of 2015 Laws, continued

The following continues our summary of 2015 laws.  This post describes conflicts of interest, elections, and environmental law enactments, financial reports, and taxes. Conflicts Chapter 495 (SB 704):  Adds to the definition of remote interest under conflict laws the owner … Continued

Summary of 2015 Laws

Every year we post a summary of laws enacted during the prior California legislature session.  This list is usually long and, frankly, does not make for a compelling read, even though the enactments are important.  This year we are trying … Continued