State Drought Regulations

This is our final report on Chapter 27.  Earlier we explained how Sections 1 through 4 created a process for the State Water Resources Control Board to order public water purveyors to consolidate the operation of substandard purveyors.  We next … Continued

Implementation of Drought Responses

This is the third installment of our analysis of Chapter 27, the Budget Trailer Bill.  The following describes the provisions implementing the drought responses. Public education receives special mention in Section 10 of Chapter 27.  Public entities “may” undertake “water … Continued

Chapter 27 (Stats. 2015):  CEQA Waiver

Earlier, we outlined several water laws enacted by the “budget trailer bill,” Chapter 27.  We explained the consolidation provisions in a subsequent post. We now address the CEQA waiver introduced by Chapter 27. As you know, public agencies must conduct … Continued

Water Purveyor Consolidation

As recently reported, Chapter 27 (Stats. 2015) enacted provisions for the mandatory consolidation of water purveyors. The following provides those provisions in more detail. The State Water Resources Control Board (State Board) may order the consolidation of a water purveyor … Continued

Water Legislation (Chapter 27)

The Secretary of State enrolled Chapter 27, the so-called Budget Trailer Bill (SB 88), on June 24, 2015.  This statute enacted several important water rights and water distribution laws.  The following highlights the major features of this statute.  We will … Continued