Public Funds To Campaign

 A California Attorney General’s Opinion No. 05-603 (July 11, 2006) created a loophole in the law, big enough to drive a 10-wheeler through.   It may no longer be possible to prevent public monies from being spent for campaigning on … Continued

Layoff Bargaining

International Association of Firefighters Local 188 v. Public Employment Relations Board and the City of Richmond is an important California Supreme Court case that addresses lingering questions about the requirement for public agencies to bargain before making a layoff decision. … Continued

Case List 2010: California Cases and Authorities

PERSONNEL GOVERNING BOARD     Disclosures 98 Ops.Cal.Atty.Gen. 44 (No. 08-309, April 12, 2010):   Package delivery company is a “transportation company” prohibited from granting discounts to public officials; FPPC regulations can be used to determine value.       Elections DiQuisto v. … Continued